It’s been a while since my last post, so much has been happening. We’ve had to deal with so many personal changes over the past few months on top of lockdown. None have been easy, or wanted. It’s been another difficult time for us all. None of it needed to happen. None of it should have. Unfortunately, what has happened has happened and now we just have to get on with things.

People have decided they no longer want to be part of our lives. This has caused hurt, upset and heartache. I have tried my best, but I’m human too. I have my flaws, everybody has. Sometimes the ability to see through the issues outweighs the actions themselves. It can be a struggle. But, I still try my best. I still do what I can. A part of this is also knowing when nothing you do is good enough for some people, despite your efforts. Its hard. Life is hard.

Sometimes a change is a good thing. But not always, sometimes they’re bad. Things don’t always work out the way we hoped or planned. Sometimes bad things come from a good situation. Likewise, out of bad situations good things can happen. The phrase ‘storm before the calm’ is very appropriate. Emotionally, mentally and physically it has all taken its toll on myself and us here as a family. But we’re all staying strong, together. I hope this is now my calm after the storm.

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