A special day out

Amidst all the chaos and stress, good things have happened. Sometimes these are small things. Other times they have a bigger impact. This particular day is one of those.

A local shopping centre to us, merlins walk in Carmarthen had an event on a few weeks ago. One of several throughout the year, aimed at children but the adults can join in too. On this particular one, they had a fairy godmother asking people for their Xmas wishes. My (realistic) wish was to treat the kids to a nice day out. A few days after the event, I had a phone call saying they would like to grant me my wish. They wanted to gift us a day out at a local railway on the santa train.

It was arranged for the 21st December, just before Xmas which made it more special. There was face painting, a bouncy castle and a magician all at the venue for the kids to enjoy. And of course, Santa. Each child saw Santa, had a chat with him and his helpers and received a gift.

Despite the difficulty and emotional time of Xmas for all of us, it was a nice day to get away from it all. In no way have we all forgotten, but it was nice to see them all be kids again.

A massive thankyou to Merlins Walk shopping centre, Carmarthen for gifting us this really nice and much needed day out.

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