And a year has gone by….

A lot has happened over the past year, too much to write about. It’s been tough. Emotionally, mentally and physically tough. A few things have been found out too, good and bad. Unfortunately I can’t get the answers to questions I have running around in my head. Something else to deal with and try to understand, somehow.

I hardly slept last night. Today’s events constantly repeating themselves in my mind. Sat reading my blog until 04:00 this morning. Couldn’t stop crying. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for today and now it’s here. One year to the day my life changed forever. Never dreamt this would happen, not a life I wished for.

Time for another poem. But I don’t write poems. Never have before. Its amazing the effect emotions have. It just happens. It’s quite a long one, longer than the one I wrote shortly after Lyanda passed away, but i think it sums up quite a lot.

Also this song. Don’t think i need to say much about it. It’s a lovely song with beautiful words.

For those that have followed me and those that have read my posts, thankyou. I still hope my story helps you in your journey, whatever it may be. I will continue to update my blog and hope you continue to read it.

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