Mothers Day

I’ve been dreading this day for ages. A happy occasion, dedicated to all the mothers and a celebration of all that they bring to their children. Much the same as every year I can remember.

Until now. This year is different, and it will be every time from now on. I wasn’t sure how the kids would be. The first, of many, Mothers Days without their Mum. No longer is it a celebration with Mum, now it is a remembrance for Mum. Memories and pictures. It’s all they have now.

On every special occasion, they would make cards. These are what we both would treasure. A simple gift they had made means so much more than a gift purchased from any shop. Although Lyanda would always have a box of Ferrero Rocher from the kids. A token gift, her favourite chocolates. I would usually have a chocolate orange. Of course, the chocolates weren’t ours. They would all stand next to us waiting for us to open the chocolates so they could have some too. Over the years it became a standing joke that we would have to buy 2 lots. One for us and one for the kids to share, it’s the only way we would get a look in.

The morning came and the kids were all excited to show me the cards they had made. The school let them decide what they wanted to do. They made a card for Mummy but also made a card for me. I wasn’t expecting that, it was a really nice surprise. Unknowing to them, I had bought some Ferrero Rocher too. I shared them out as normal, they seemed to appreciate it.

Their cards sit proudly on the unit dedicated to Mummy. Along with a card a friend found in the shape of a star that says “Mum, you’re the brightest star” on it.

In the afternoon, another friend took us out. We went to a lake and fed some swans, ducks and other birds flying around. Before we moved to Carmarthen, that is something we all used to enjoy doing. Something simple yet meaningful. It was very peaceful there and gave a lot of time to reflect and think. We all had ice cream too. Time ran on so we had some food there before coming home.

The day went better than expected. Luckily it was really quiet, no one to spoil the calm. I think we all needed that. Seeing the swans gliding along the lake, the ducks swimming and all the birds flying around all trying to get some food from us was an amazing sight. Therapeutic in a way.

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