Amazing gesture

We have a car! After the mobility car was returned at the end of July, we were left without transport. Not that we necessarily needed any, but it makes things easier when there are 4 children here. It also makes it easier to arrange counselling sessions and other appointments, not having to worry about getting there and what time the buses are.

The car is a 2000 W plate Toyota Yaris. Amazingly, we all just about fit into it. The car was given to us by a very nice and generous couple from Edinburgh. One of them is a member of the mountain bike Forum. Getting the car to Carmarthen was the only obstacle. As I found out, this wasn’t an obstacle for long. I had already declined the generous offer, but the forum had other plans.

I was told this was happening and that the only involvement needed from me was when I collect the car at the end of the journey. So I watched as everything happened out of my control to get the car to me. A relay was set up, one forum member to the next, to get the car from Scotland to Wales. The car had some issues that needed sorting, but a mechanic in Chepstow said he would sort them out if the car could get to him.

The journey began. Edinburgh to Halifax, Halifax to Bristol, Bristol to Chepstow and then Chepstow to Cardiff. I was then given a lift from here to Cardiff by a friend to collect it. While in Chepstow, the mechanic ordered the parts to sort the car out. He decided to give it a fresh mot so I wouldn’t need to worry about it for a year.

A fundraiser was also set up to cover all the costs of the journey and parts etc. Enough was raised to cover all the outgoing costs of everyone, and enough left over to insure and tax the car for a year. Absolutely gobsmacked. Mixed emotions from me. Pleased that we had a car again, but sad and emotional why this had happened.

I have cried a lot throughout all this. Amazing gestures from amazing people yet again. An epic trip for a little car. The kids smiles at having a car said it all. Now I just have to bring myself to get out of the house and use it.

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