Please help stop my 5 year old crying.

A lot has happened that I haven’t updated yet but this is extremely important to me and my daughter.

Our 5 year old daughter was given a snow globe 2 weeks ago to help with her grieving process by a friend. Our 3 year old wanted to have a look, and dropped it by accident as it was too heavy. Now she won’t stop crying.

I have asked where they got it from, but they had it years ago and couldn’t remember. She saw it at their house and it has a star on the tree and she took a liking to it. She said it reminds her of Mummy. I have said we can look for another one together but she wants that one.

Can anyone help find an exact replacement please? It is a wind up musical globe, white Xmas tree with star on top and white glitter. Pic below. Quite happy for this to be shared everywhere.

Thanks (a very hopeful thanks)

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