Human kindness from “strangers”

Between Lyanda’s devastating passing and the funeral I was an emotional wreck. It was the emotional roller coaster from hell, and i couldn’t get off it. I couldn’t make it stop, no matter how hard I tried. Amongst all this, things were happening beyond my control. Some good, some bad. I was updating the mountain bike forum as and when I could. This is when certain things started happening.

One forum member picked up on what my daughter said, “the brightest star in the sky” and it stuck. This became her legacy almost instantly. It was repeatedly used when anyone was talking about Lyanda.

Then one day I received a book in the post, from a forum member titled Always With Me by Tamsin Wood. A lovely book, which brought me to tears just reading the cover. Took me ages to read it, i couldn’t stop crying.

I had a message through the forum from another member. He had already purchased a gift for me and the kids and he asked if he could have my address to send it to us. I gave him our address thinking he might have got the kids some chocolates and some flowers or something for me. What turned up I was not expecting. I couldn’t stop crying when I saw it. But in a good way.

He read what my daughter had said and purchased an extra bright star in Lyanda’s name. I told anyone I could, i was extremely proud of this. I still am. Lyanda, now, was literally the brightest star in the sky.

The forum members have gone above and beyond with their support and generosity. We might be a bunch of strangers with one common interest, but it doesn’t end there. I have helped people in need before and will continue to do so. As they have done for me. I have had the privilege to have met a handful of them and to thank them personally. I hope they all know and understand how much they have helped me throughout the past few years. And how much they mean to me.

We all know about stranger danger and we teach our kids this. But sometimes, as adults, strangers can be wonderful.

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