As the time was coming for the car to go, and the holidays had begun, i decided to try my best to take the kids out. I had to force myself to do this. All I wanted to do was hide away from everyone and everything. But my priority now are the kids. But I had to distract myself from what had happened and I couldn’t stay confined to the house permanently.

We went to a nice place called Mountain View Lodge near Cardiff. Us 5, 2 friends and their children. It was a nice day. It was really nice to see the kids being kids again. Running around, climbing trees and getting covered in mud. I was doing ok until lunchtime. I sorted the kids out their food, then turned to offer Lyanda something to eat. No one saw this. I took myself off for a bit while the kids ate with the others. After that it was difficult, but my friends must have noticed something was wrong. They were brilliant, and still are.

Then met a forum member one day in Pembrey Country Park. The kids running round on the beach with his dog, then he spent most of the afternoon untangling the kite strings the kids somehow mangled. He didn’t seem to mind that it had happened. The kids ran around the park for the rest of the day, then we went to the playground for an hour before heading home. Really nice and peaceful day.

We went to an indoor play area in Llanelli too. Really busy, but again, the kids enjoyed it. And had some local trips out. Just to treat the kids to food out or whatever I could at the time.

The car was picked up as planned on the 30th July at 9:30am. It was sad to see the car go. For the first time ever we had a decent car, one that didn’t break down or give us any problems. The reason for having a mobility car was unfortunate. The reason for losing the car was devastating.

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